Pinning My Pants Off

Well, not really, but I was looking for a pretty awesome title.

Sorry for being a bum and not posting for a while. Things have been a bit crazy these past couple of weeks. My home is currently being fumigated due to Powder Post Beetles…brand new home…beetles…how rude!

With the holidays and the beetles I’ve been cheating on my blog with Pinterest. I can’t stop, and I won’t stop (cue Miley Cyrus twerking). Some of the things I’m currently loving/wanting/lusting/sending random links to my loved ones are…

A throw for my bed and I could totally see this cool cat deer blanket draped across it.

If not a throw, let’s go all out with a blanket! And not just ANY blanket, a Pendleton blanket (I’ve always wanted one).

A woman can never have enough vases, or birch bark looking items if you ask me.

Crochet slippers to keep the tootsies warm…adoreeeble

Please don’t let the succulent obsession be over because I really want one to put in this planter.

Some lovely lady lumps…err mountains!

What are some of the items you all can’t seem to stop and won’t stop (sorry couldn’t help to add Miley in again) pinning? Happy Friday!


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