Pinning My Pants Off

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10 Reasons Why I’m Loving My New Life

Herrroooo pretty people! I’m pretty impressed that these last couple of days I’ve been able to post each day.  I can’t promise that will happen all the time, but let’s embrace it while we can (cue virtual high five).


I wanted to make this post a little more personal so that you can get to know me and I can get to know you! So here are 10 reasons why I’m currently loving my new country life:

  1. I get a new and beautiful lake house all to myself (during the week at least).
  2. I’m actually saving money as opposed to dumping thousands into rent and commuting.
  3. I commute in my own car through mountains and lakes with the music as loud as I want, butt warmers fired up, and no armpits in my face (if you’ve ever ridden the Path or Subway in NYC you feel me on this one).
  4. My boyfriend now only lives 10 minutes away as opposed to 4 hours.
  5. I have a boyfriend who loves me (I know that sounds pathetic, but I’ve had some pretty rough ones in the past) and accepts me just the weird and crazy way that I am!
  6. I’m surrounded by wonderful people who support and love me, both my family, his family, and friends.
  7. I have a pretty relaxed job where my creative ideas are embraced and my thoughts are heard.
  8. I’m starting a new adventure and knocking things off of my “bucket list” daily (more on that later).
  9. I found a new passion for design and decor and get to actually make those ideas into a reality.
  10. I get to start blogging!

I encourage you to think about 10 things you’re loving in your life, it’s really refreshing. Toodaloo (I totally Googled the spelling on that one)!!

Target…Gets Me Every Time

Target Frame

Confession: I LOVE Target! Not sure if it’s because there are no major department stores surrounding me any longer or if I’ve just established a new found love, but damn does that store get me every single time. With my new appreciation obsession with interior decorating I find myself buying things that truthfully I never cared about. Sheets (apparently I’m really into sheets these days), random animal figurines (um hello, who doesn’t need a wooden squirrel in their room?), and last but not least… picture frames.

I’m all about those gallery walls and want to try it in my own room.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about check out this photo from my all time favorite blogger who has one suuuriously stellar wall gallery:

I pretty much want everything in this photo.  From the frames, to the prints, to the horns, and of course that dresser. Gurl you rocked it! After digging around a bit, and of course getting some tips from reading HOUSE*TWEAKING (ok ok, I may have completely copied some elements, but copying is the most sincere form of flattery…right?), I decided on Target and Etsy for the win.

My purchases include multiple frames, multiple prints, and I’m going to include one of my most favorite pictures of my boyfriend and I.


It’s actually the very first time we hung out where I rode a four-wheeler for the first time, drank “shine”, and learned to shoot a shotgun. Talk about city gone country, am I right?

I have some serious plans for my mini gallery wall and will post actual photos of my room as soon as it’s “blog worthy.” Happy Friday!